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excite you? Ready to apply?
Great! We want to hear from you!
You are ready to apply! We hope that you have taken the opportunity to learn about who we are at MY and about our exciting vision for language education. Look to the right for a list of current openings. After you apply, our interview and vetting process will give you even better chances to encounter MY and our teachers up close. We look forward to speaking with you! Good luck!
What can you expect next?
  • Resume review. You submit your cover letter, questions, and resume to MY. We perform an initial screening.
  • Interview. Candidates whose resume and answers indicate potentially a good fit at MY are invited to a web interview.
  • Follow-up interviews. Possibly, we request a second or third web interview so that different members of our team can get an impression of you.
  • Visit and demo lessons. Candidates who continue to impress us as good fits at MY are invited to spend a day at MY. You will:
    1. meet members of our team
    2. teach classes with our teachers
    3. interact with our students and staff
    4. see how we do things
    5. gain a feel for MY's culture firsthand
    6. have a chance to ask questions
    Likewise, we will:
    1. see how you perform with students and teachers inside and outside the classroom
    2. listen to how you talk about your teaching while you are doing it
    3. gain a better sense of how your manner and style fit with MY's culture
  • Job offer. Once we have completed demo lessons for all of the candidates we are interested in meeting in person, you may be offered a job.
  • Contract. If you accept, you will be sent a contract. At this time, we will arrange your start date at MY. Please let us know if you need any assistance with an apartment or any other details to smooth the transition.
  • Training. Once you sign and return the contract, we will arrange the details of your training.
Professional teachers.
Quality teaching.